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Thread: autotoolzero

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    Been having this same issue with the autozero tool function in that when I initiate the macro it will not travel down to the touch plate. It will retract the correct distance though. But it will travel down various depths and then retract without touching the touch plate. I can get within a 1/4" and it will travel down and connect to the touch plate and retract. In the vb script I have it set to go down 4" before it gives up. In the diagnostics the digitizer lights up as it should when I complete the circuit. Not sure whats going on here. Is it the breakout board, the gecko drive or what. Very frustrating. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Re: autotoolzero

    Most likely noise triggering the input.

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    Re: autotoolzero

    Thanks Gerry ...and how would I go about correcting that.

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