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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > XYZ Gantry Routers > AXYZ 4008 error code 803 - not in the list!
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    AXYZ 4008 error code 803 - not in the list!

    Hello guys, just got 4008 AXYZ and this is the first time i'm dealing with CNC.
    It runs on Toolpath and when I turn it on for the first time all was good: i positioned it from the controller, the it offered to warm spindles.

    When I opened Toolpath, it offered to make some update (not sure), and I click OK and after this I started getting error 803 at startup: when I send the machine to the original position, i makes the light hit at the end of Y axys and then the error pops up. However it offers to continue and after press enter all seems to be ok, except of warming spindles. Before this the machine offered to warm spindlesas the next step after positionning.

    The issue is that this error does not listed in the manual and on their site. Somebody have an Idea what it could be?

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    Re: AXYZ 4008 error code 803 - not in the list!

    Hi Messir, that error code points to a modbus issue, and perhaps some settings have become corrupted. It's not really a simple fix, you might be best to contact AXYZ support for assistance.

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