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    AXYZ router cutting error

    I uploaded a picture to show what I am experiencing.
    When my CNC is cutting, it will shudder a little bit (most times, not all), and all of a sudden it's out of alignment. It is cutting .5" to the left of where it should be. This is happening in the X and the Y direction.
    I have already contacted AXYZ tech support, but tech support told us we are running too fast (@75IPM). They recommended slowing it down. That doesn’t seem to make sense.

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    Re: AXYZ router cutting error

    AXYZ router cutting error, Need correction if i am doing any mistake, Is there anybody who can solvepaper writing services issue and help me to find error and after that help me to solve this error. Hope the whole you understand and now ready for my help because it is necessary for me.

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    Re: AXYZ router cutting error

    A new router cutting error has been discovered by an expert in the industry. This error can cause your machine to malfunction and may be costly for https://budgiebasics.com/how-to-crea...budgie-easily/. To prevent this, we recommend that you check with your supplier if they have updated their firmware version to fix these problems.

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