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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking > General Metalwork Discussion > Bad finish with scallop control on a Haas
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    Bad finish with scallop control on a Haas


    I am getting a terrible finish using a sallop height control from MasterCam on a Haas 3-axis finish. I am finishing with a 1/8" ball cutter in Aluminum. My feedrate is 100 in/min, and my RPM is 10K. G187 P3 E0.001, and using HSM. The finish is O.K. on constant z-levels, but not on the 3-d surface scallop height control tool path. Seems like the cutter is stopping at each end of the polyline when the tool path is not on a constant xz- or yz-plane.
    Any ideas of what is going on? Anyone else has experienced this phenomenum? I have a picture that illustrates the issue: it looks like little pecks or dots on the surface as if the cutter all of the sudden stopped and jerked a bit.

    Scallop-height type of tool path used

    The dots in the finish are randomly generated.

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    Re: Bad finish with scallop control on a Haas

    Hi did you ever figure out how to fix this, My HAAS is doing same thing!

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