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Thread: Bashing

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    So a couple of days ago my machine started to mess up. When you pressed the control panel keys or even start a job when it reached a certain point on the bed then it would go the opposite direction to what it was suppose to. So I reset my laser parameters but didn't save them. Now on start up it heads to the top right then bashes into the side of the machine for a minute or so before it sets the origin to 0,0. After it sets to 0,0 the bed size is off. I have a 700x500 bed but for e.g. when you move the y axis to 500 it is actually only at 340 and the x axis is something similar. Any one any ideas?

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    Re: Bashing

    Sounds like it may be loosing homing/soft limits settings? I had a similar issue with Mach4 on my router and this is what fixed it. What control software are you using? I may way off base here. Others care to weigh in?

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    Re: Bashing

    Thanks, its a Ruida 6442

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    Re: Bashing

    I'm not familiar with the control. I presume you've done a search on youtube for help? This is something I've run across and may provide some direction;


    Sorry I couldn't do more.

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