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    Bending aluminum plate?

    Need machinery to put 90degree bends in 3/16 to 1/4 aluminum. Think as in building the bottom of a pizza box, but using up to 36x30inch plate . What type, brand of equipment should I be looking at. Don’t have 3phase, would have to get a phase convertor but that’s fine. This would be for prototyping and small runs. Like 10 bends a day max. Not sure where to start looking or what questions to ask!

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    Re: Bending aluminum plate?

    I sent a private message to you.
    Jim Dawson
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    Re: Bending aluminum plate?

    That's thick material for bending; I hope you're not expecting sharp corners. It would take a massive machine to make a decent bend in 1/4" plate, even if it was dead-soft. Really, that's welding and grinding territory. If you really need to do this for small quantities, send it out to someone who's got the machinery, because it will never be economical to do it yourself.
    Andrew Werby

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