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    Lightbulb Best CNC for Acrylic Emblems

    I'm currently disabled after having my 4th spine surgery in 3.5 years and I've had a business opportunity come up with orders ready to make reproduction emblems. The copyright and trademark issues have been worked out. I just simply need to know what is the best CNC for the money (under $500 to get started) and software to use.
    The emblems will be a maximum of 6in long and 2in wide cut from cast 1/8th in acrylic.
    I have spent days Googling and YouTubing this and the options are still boggling. I would just like to get some real world experience so I can get up and going. I have kids and bills and need to fill these orders.
    Thank you all as this looks like a GREAT community!
    BTW...these are custom order badges....not high volume orders. So I will only need to cut 2 to 3 at a time and slow is ok for more detail.
    Thank you!!!

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    Re: Best CNC for Acrylic Emblems

    Acrylic is best cut with a laser. Routers can do it to some extent, but the results aren't as good. Since you don't have the budget for a laser cutter or a decent router either, I'd say send out the work until you've saved up some more - if you really think you can save significant money by bringing this in-house. There are plenty of shops with lasers looking for business, and you might be surprised by how inexpensive it is to use them.
    Andrew Werby

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