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    Better Quality Limit Switches

    I have a homebuilt CNC router I've been using for about 3 years now (I think). I got some of the cheapie uxcell plunger limit switches off of Amazon and they work...ok. It would be nice to have a little better repeatability though. Haven't really tested, but I'm guessing these vary by 10-20 thou when you home the machine. Maybe little more, maybe little less.

    Anyway, when I look I seem to find only 2 types: junkie ones like mine or super expensive ones that repeat to 5-10 microns. Anybody found some affordable ones that might let me repeat home to around a thou?


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    Re: Better Quality Limit Switches

    OK, I *did* in fact do a search before I posted, but didn't find anything. Then the similar threads list led me to some past threads. Based on those, the AAP2T35Z11 seems like a good candidate. Anybody used them? What kind of repeatability are you getting?

    Thanks again,

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