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    BITSENSOR controller issues,

    This is a real head scratcher. At one point in time I had my CNC setup with a bitsensor controller board, and it worked just fine. Then after my cat walked all over the keyboard one day it stopped working. Well, the part that stopped working was the coolant relay that I set up to operate using M7 and port 4. I was able to get that working, now I have a problem with the X and Y axis. They both only move in 1 direction, and I can't seem to get them to setup correctly. Any ideas out there?
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    Re: BITSENSOR controller issues,

    Check the direction pins on each axis. Try switching them using the mdi interface, like g1 x1 f10 followed by g1 x0 f10. If the signal does not switch from low voltage less than .6v and then 5v which is representative of a zero and a one in logic. Post a picture of interface or describe it, but this should be easy to fix

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