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    Have you noticed how very few seem to post at Bobcads own Forum? I sometimes wonder if it is because how everybody that helped build those Forums and put a lot of effort into them helping others with problems (which was great) and then to just have all of that valuable help and info just dumped. Would it have been that much of a problem just to keep them available so users with problems could of had that available? It solved many problems and made Bobcad a more user friendly product.
    That to me is just pretty sad.

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    I think that BoB has had a rough time with Injuts.There was a time years ago,that BoB Forum was more used than The Zone.The use of Bob"s own Forum took a Dive when they changed the look of the Forum.Totally new,and different,and nobody liked it.Then they kept trying to improve it and failed,and they have had Injuts assaulting them.
    The old saying "if it"s not broke,don"t fix it "really applies here.

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    I miss it in a lot of ways because it was truly a user forum. Not a lot of distraction from non-users. But I got to admit it burned (still burns?) my ass a bit to see BobCAD staff on other forums regularly answering questions and posting product announcements. I think I heard about multi-axis release from here - from someone who heard about it on PM - from BobCAD staff. Ouch, talk about feeling like the red-headed stepchild!

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    I left after they changed to the 'social media' thing. There's way more users and info here anyway. Also not completely controlled by BCC so you get the good and the bad.

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    I am looking for help with BobCad file. I had an old bobcad file that I need converted to DWG or DXF or iges. Would anyone have an active license of Bobcad that can help by saving these files to that format? Any help would be greatly appreicated.

    Thank you in advance. my e-mail is kevrye1@gmail.com

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