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    Boring I.D. Diameter too large


    New here so sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

    I have a 2207 Haas SL-20A. I am having an issue boring. I am trying to machine 3.5" soft jaws and no matter what I do or how I set up the tool it is cutting to almost 4 inches. I can't tell if this is a programming issue or a machine issue or a machine issue. I seem to be able to cut O.D. just fine but when I go in with a boring bar it give me problems. I am using fusion 360 to program this with the generic haas turning post. Here is a copy of my code if that helps at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    N10 G98 G18
    N11 G20
    N12 G50 S3000
    N13 G53 G0 X0.
    N14 G53 G0 Z0.

    (Profile Roughing1)
    N15 T1111
    N16 G99
    N17 G97 S2000 M3
    N18 G54
    N19 G0 X1.0156 Z1.7422
    N20 G50 S2000
    N21 G96 S1601 M3
    N22 G0 Z-0.0328
    N23 G1 X3.5076 F0.004
    N24 Z-0.0078
    N25 X3.4276 Z0.0322
    N26 G0 X1.0156
    N27 Z-0.0578
    N28 G1 X3.5076 F0.004
    N29 Z-0.0328
    N30 X3.4276 Z0.0072
    N31 G0 X1.0156
    N32 Z-0.0828
    N33 G1 X3.5076 F0.004
    N34 Z-0.0578
    N35 X3.4276 Z-0.0178
    N36 G0 X1.0156
    N37 Z-0.0959
    N38 G1 X3.5076 F0.004
    N39 Z-0.0828
    N40 X3.4276 Z-0.0428
    N41 G0 X1.0156
    N42 Z1.7422
    N43 G97 S2000 M3

    N44 G53 G0 X0.
    N45 G53 G0 Z0.
    N46 M30

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    Re: Boring I.D. Diameter too large

    The code looks fine. Are you sure your tool is set correctly?
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Boring I.D. Diameter too large

    Yea that was the problem.

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