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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC R2E3 Boss 8 issues

    Hello all!

    I am the new owner of a R2E3 with the Boss 8 control system. Got it delivered and wired up this week, only to find errors when turning it on. I’ve spent all week trying to diagnose and wanted to reach out here to see what help I could find. It’s a long shot, but I’d appreciate y’all’s insight.

    Problem: upon activating I get a “axis limit” error

    Response: I activate drives, but the connectors do not latch and no power is sent to the drives

    Attempted solution: I checked the batteries and replaced the one on the rear cabinet board which was bad. I also attempted to check the 8 pin lights. Upon turning it on, the lights read “all tests successful, board running, drives disabled”. When I enable the drives, the lights change to read “board running, safety fault occurred”.

    I do not have a maintenance manual (can’t find one anywhere!), so I can’t even venture the faintest idea as to why this occurs. I am guessing there is either a coolant pump unplugged (I can’t find a dang cord/plug for the life of me, but I see an outlet), oil level is low, or a safety interlock. Does anyone have any ideas? Is it possible the z axis limit (it is at the top of travel) is causing this? I know the drives have been refurbished before I purchased, so they should be good.

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    Re: Bridgeport Series 1 CNC R2E3 Boss 8 issues

    Alright, a bit more of an update:

    I opened up the z axis pulley and moved the axis down some, which cleared the error 2000. Now when I go to enable drives there’s an error 4000, and none of the drives engage. FMDC board shows no faults (board good, drives enabled) but drives still have no power. Any ideas? I’m really at a loss, if I can’t get some progress I’m going to end up buying a new mill while I sort this one out

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    Re: Bridgeport Series 1 CNC R2E3 Boss 8 issues

    ...Air Pressure? Waylube Level low ? maybe try JOG while holding down Limit Reset. Possible struck limit switch.


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