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    Post Buy Inductive Sensor 4F-2U(0625)

    Hello, i need help with my cnc lathe, it stopped recognizing the turret movement so i can't change tools, it spins but the signal is not recognized. i dont know if the inductive sensor F4-2U(0625) its broken or it may be something else?

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    Re: Buy Inductive Sensor 4F-2U(0625)

    Most inductive sensors are pretty bullet proof due to predominately being used in 'harsh' environments. Hook the two wires up to a digital multi meter set to millivolts and with rotation you should see a rise and fall in voltage - this should determine if the sensor is working and maybe the problem lies elsewhere?

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    Re: Buy Inductive Sensor 4F-2U(0625)

    Is this one?.
    Price not too bad .
    I'd replace it.

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