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    Bystronic BySoft 6 - USB Dongle / Parallel Dongle - Windows 10+

    Hey everyone,
    We have recently updated a piece of software (other than BySoft) and it (the new software) also requires a USB dongle.
    In the upgrade, a "new" sentinal driver was installed and now the PCs previously running BySoft 6 will no longer recognize their respective security keys (2 PCs with a parallel dongle and 2 with a USB dongle).
    Bystronic no longer supports V6 and they won't even discuss (no surprise) trading out my parallel keys for USB keys.

    I can reinstall BySoft 6 on a separate PC (with a USB dongle) and it'll run fine, but we need to get 2 other parallel keys active and I can't figure out how to get that availability on a Windows 10+ system.

    If anyone has any information related to this issue I'd be greatly appreciative.

    Since this software is no longer supported AND the original seller won't discuss helping out, I'd also be interested in "alternative work-arounds" related to BySoft 6.
    Also - if anyone has BySoft 6 USB keys that are "surplus to your needs" I'd be interested in acquiring 1 or more of those.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Bystronic BySoft 6 - USB Dongle / Parallel Dongle - Windows 10+

    ...a PCI to Parallel port card might work.

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