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    We have 3 machines with the old c200 controllers from index: one gs30, one gs42 and one gs65. There’re full alphabet and brackets for comments on the keypad.
    So how can I write comments in a program?

    For example:

    T1212 L999 (stop)

    Is there a particular keys combination therefore?

    As a skilled programmer I’m used to comments.

    Additionally I’m searching for a boring cycle for chip breaking.
    I help myself with the deep boring cycle L98 now.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Nov 2004

    I also have these controllers. So far I know you can’t write these texts at the machine.
    I write my texts in the programming space during compiling.

    They are input then and are viewable.


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    It would certainly work at the laptop, but I think the guys from Index have meant something inserting the buttons.

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    You can use the keys only in the DNC mode, Index C200/T200.

    Regards, Runde

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    Ok, it explains everything.
    Thanks Runde01!

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    Re: C200 and entering of comments

    Hello to all
    I have an INDEX GSC42 S3TT / C200 TT.
    But there is a problem. After turning on and activating the hydraulics,
    everything is fine.
    By selecting NC1 & NC2, the X1 & Z1 & X2 & Z2 & C & Y1 axes are easily
    referenced and no error is observed.
    When the tool is called to the roller 1, the TURRET unclamps but does not move.
    After a few seconds at a very low speed that seems to be drift axis
    Spins and does not recognize the tool and continues to spin.
    And E8 & R0 & R5 errors are displayed.
    Can anyone help and guide me?
    Thank you

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