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    Calculating tool life

    I am trying to calculate the tool life for a part designed in SolidWorks and milled in SolidCAM.

    What are the parameters and formulas that I must have to do this?

    I have

    - The part material (Mild Steel (CQ))
    - Feed Per Tooth (what are the units for this one?)
    - Surface cutting speed (m/min?)

    Any help or "pointing in the right direction" appreciated.


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    Can I use Taylors Basic Equation?

    (V)*(T^n) = C

    where T = tool life
    V = cutting speed
    C and n are available from reference sources

    does anyone have any experience with this formula?

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    Re: Calculating tool life

    The "Manufacturing Planning and Estamating Handbook on page 6-56 has a table 6-20.
    T is in minutes and C is the calculated constant.
    V is in SFM.
    The table gives the n value to use.
    Work Material, Sinistered Carbide, High-speed steel.
    Steel, soft .20 (this value using 300 FPM), .12
    Steel, hardened .25 , .15
    Cast iron .25 , .15
    Light metals .41 , .41

    The table gives those values for a 60 minute tool life, .009 ipr and .062 depth of cut for HSS.
    Carbide using .010 ipr and .100 depth of cut.

    For guesstimation I have just used .25 for Carbide cutters and .1 for HSS, and what ever FPM and IPR and the apparent tool life I was getting in minutes and change T to what I want to change for a guess at a new FPM

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    Tool wear usually includes the following types:
    1 flank wear; 2 scribe wear; 3 months gingival wear; 4 cutting edge blunt; 5 cutting edge chipping; 6 cutting edge crack; 7 catastrophic failure.
    Therefore, steel also determines the life of the knife. If you need good steel, you can contact Songshun Steel.

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