Hi, I have a Torchmate X and recent ran into a problem. My shop was broke into and one of the items they stole was all the USB drives from my computer including the dongle for my torchmate cad/cam. The problem is I never have liked that software felt it buggy and often only used it to nest (when it didnt overlap parts or waste alot of material) and produce gcode. Now that Torchmate is asking 200 dollars for a USB so i can operate a piece of software I already bought im thinking that 200 might be better used going towards another software that works. Is there any recommendations for a Cam software that has a Auto Nest feature that isnt outrageous. I use a Cad program that i am really comfortable with and want to continue to use. And the torchmate control software is nice and works well. I just would prefer not to dump more money into the Torchmate CAD/Cam software that cant even cut a 90 degree square. Im used to using plugins, addons, etc so having to jump through a few hoops to get it setup isnt a big deal if it works in the end. Thanks in advance for options and opinion