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    Unhappy Camsoft CNC Professional

    Hi all,

    Wondering if anybody can help, please forgive lack of detailed knowledge to start with, basically I work for an enginnering company in the It department, and this morning I have been asked to look at an issue with some CNC software by CamSoft. We have an external consultant in at the moment who repairs the machines and swap outs, and upgrades boards etc. Now I have been down and something very odd is happening, the CNC software opens and prompts for a password, once I enter the password the program disappears, there is no program to view on the screen, yet when you check taskmanager you can cleary see the CNC application running.

    What is more strange, is when you run the CNC software and enter the password as DEMO, the software loads and opens. We know the password we are using is correct as its opened before using the password before the external consultant upgraded the boards.The consulatnt thinks it could be something to do with the *.cnk file he has been sent.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, in the meantime I'm going to try and install the software onto another PC to see if I get any further.


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    Re: Camsoft CNC Professional

    Hello dr0g0,

    We have several different procedures each with its own step-by-step set of instructions based on the motion card/box model, what is being seen and the product version you have.

    If your external consultant is a CamSoft dealer please have them contact us directly. We will all work together through them.

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    CamSoft Corp.
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    Re: Camsoft CNC Professional

    This is a problem I have seen. generally after making a change to the .cbk file. Often because i made a STUPID mistake.

    I would try older backups of your .cbk file. For sure, it could be in the PC too.

    My meager understanding here, something is hogging too many PC resources for it to completely load.

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