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    Can Anybody Identify This Router Table By Pictures? No Nameplate On The Machine!

    Hi Folks;
    I just bought my second router table, unfortunately someone's removed the nameplate and after searching for two days I can't figure out what brand it was originally. I'm going to be upgrading a lot of it so it's not super important, but it'd be nice to know if anybody else has ever upgraded one to save me 'reinventing the wheel' as they say.

    When I bought it, I figured it was just a chinese table, but it's got a Japanese control system from 1999, and seems to be built pretty high end, to me at least. It has American made drivers in a box with it... but no motors. The main giveaway to identifying it will probably be that a lot of it is made out of anodized gold aluminum.

    It has Nema34 mounting patterns on it, but no motors survive. It has a 4X8 vacuum bed, the table itself is 60X114". All the measurements seem to be SAE, not metric. The gear reduction is an XL60 gear mounted to a bent spindle going through the gantry plates to the gear rack. Of course I'll have to figure out a replacement or something different there.

    The Gear rack is 3/8" X 3/8" but has a weird (I guess) pitch to it, I count 29 teeth in 6". The bolt hole mounting pattern is 6" (but could be 150mm I suppose, I haven't checked yet)....

    It runs on a linear rail on the X, and it appears the motors mount on the inside of the plates, behind the Gantry bar. The gantry is a 4X4 anodized gold aluminum tube that is pretty heavy for what it is. It has a gear rack on the top of it, and a larger rail than the X on the side of it (Maybe a 3" rail?) it looks like maybe the motor mounted vertically behind the Z plate and the gear on the bottom meshed with the rail on the top of the gantry.

    So another thing that may help identify it is how the motors mount behind the next rail (so the X motors are behind the Y gantry, the Y motor is behind the Z)... all the pictures I can find usually have the motors mounted on the outside instead of the inside on most machines. Also the Gantry sits low, there's probably 4" of clearance above the vacuum table.

    The whole thing is very solid but somebody wrecked the X and bent the gear rack, as well as bending the reduction gear spindles or pinions, whatever you'd call those. I have a whole box of anodized gold aluminum plates that make up the Z or something, i'm trying to find a picture of somebody's to see how it goes together. Also the Gantry plates mount on the outside of the gantry, it is held in place with bolts through the side (it doesn't sit on top of the gantry plates).

    Any help identifying this would be appreciated, i'll post more specific questions after I figure out what i'm looking at. I paid $1500 for it and feel as if I'm starting off pretty good, I might get out for $3500 all in with a MachIII/smooth stepper/Gecko? system but I haven't decided on all the particulars yet.

    Thank you!
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