Need help! Thank you in advance for any tips on this!!!

I have a 4x4 table with a CandCNC ESPII control (Bladerunner) connected by LPT1 and serial cables. I am trying to just get initial motor movement from it so I can move on with my setup. I’m using Mach3 with the Bladerunner AIO-DTHC-UBOB3 profile selected.

I’ve followed instructions and I do get motor lockup with the control turned on (all motors). I’m at the point where I am supposed to turn on the control box, open Mach3 by selecting my profile under the Mach3 Loader icon, and hit the reset button on screen. Instructions say I’m suppose to now see my Charge Pump (CP) light lit and then should be able to move the gantry. My CP light does not light up.

I do get a brief error splashed on screen before Mach3 loads that says CandCNCccc plugin was unable to connect to the serial port. However I have no unresolved issues with serial or LPT ports under device manager.

Any ideas where I may have run off course? Thanks again.