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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Milltronics > Centurion 6 homing procedure
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    Centurion 6 homing procedure

    Just got this machine running and trying to home the machine. I power the machine on, hit the reset button to power the drives, then select Home and hit the cycle start button but nothing happens - the screen goes back to the main screen but nothing moves. I can do a Home Here and jog all three axis manually.

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    Re: Centurion 6 homing procedure

    Hi, You need to talk to the expert in service for Milltronics.
    He is on the forum
    Bob M

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    Re: Centurion 6 homing procedure

    Thanks - I was thinking this might be a simple matter of me not doing something that I should have been doing so I didn't want to bother Bob. I ended up calling him and he got the problem sorted out for me. Someone had set the homing order numbers like -10, -20, etc. Needed to be reset to 2 for x, 2 for y and 1 for z. Also had a couple other settings that needed to be changed. Still have a problem keeping it from homing (the Z axis is binding at the top of travel) but the homing routine is running now. Another step closer to a running machine. Now to tear into the Z axis and see what it causing it to bind up!

    Bob is a fantastic resource on these machines!!!!

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    Re: Centurion 6 homing procedure

    I had an alignment problem on my Z axis also. It took out the servo drive. Had to have it rebuilt. The mounting block for the ball screw has a 1 inch mounting pad. the mounting screws were 1 1/4 long and the threads pulled out somewhat. (out of alignment). It comes down to duty cycle. I put in 1 3/4 long bolts and back in alignment. I don't know if someone replaced the ball screw, that used 1 1/4 bolts. You might want to check that. IMHOP. I don't know how to post an attachment, or I would show you a picture. My first time posting.

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