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    Chinese laser no longer homing correctly

    After having some major computer issues (now resolved) my 50 Watt Chinese laser no longer homes properly and although I was able to "fool" it to get some functionality from it tonight I had no luck at all.

    On boot up of the laser It displays the version of the firmware? not sure but you can see it in the pic.

    When powering up the machine it moves the 2 axis close to the home position, (all the way to the left front of the machine) then the carriage very slowly creeps toward the rear of the machine and eventually stops and back up an inch or two and stops as if it's home but it's no where near the lower left corner.

    I was able to stop the creeping by triggering the prox sensor on that axis by passing a screwdriver in front of it twice and it would stop and consider itself home.

    Tonight I couldn't even get that to work and no matter where on the screen and even with a very small part I would get a "frame slop error".

    Any ideas about what went wrong and how to fix?

    Thanks all!
    Is a sentance fragment?

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    Re: Chinese laser no longer homing correctly

    Try to move the head with the arrow keys to where you want the home to be. The start a small file like a square from that position. shut the laser off and then turn it back on and see where it homes

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    Re: Chinese laser no longer homing correctly

    The arrow keys won't allow me to move the head any further into the negative than when it stops. It now thinks home is somewhere near the middle of the cutting area.
    Is a sentance fragment?

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