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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 1000 - Page Fault Exception
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    Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 1000 - Page Fault Exception

    New to this Forum, so excuse if I'm in the wrong state spot.

    Operated system yesterday and several times the following appeared:

    Page Fault Exception

    (Interrupt Vector 14)

    Ran unit today, with no parts, cycled many times, no problem. But, as I reviewed the BIOS the Arrow suddenly stopped and displayed the above error.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I replied to your PM already, but this could be caused by a number of things. Most common in have seen is RT Board, but never in the intermittent manner you described. Start by checking the voltages on your WS and RT batteries. Be sure not to remove them from the board while checking or you will lose the data they are protecting.

    You mention getting this error while reviewing the BIOS? This is a fault generated in Windows. Since the BIOS is accessed before loading Windows, I don't see how you could have received it at that time.

    Just a warning, I have seen customers corrupt their hard drive by shutting off the machine power when they get this fault. Sometimes there is nothing you can do since the control can not perform a normal shut down when the system is locked up, but just be aware that if the control is still accessing the hard drive when the power is cut, it can corrupt the hard drive.

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    Re: Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 1000 - Page Fault Exception

    Hi every
    Any one help me. I need parameters cincinnati milacron Saber 1000

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    Re: Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 1000 - Page Fault Exception

    Just received this,
    RT Board is Screen is Green the faults out with red page bellow when this happened.

    I am guessing corrupt hard drive

    Any advice?

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