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    Cincinnati T30 5-axis I/O

    We have a Cincinnati T30 5-axis with a Acramatic 950 control. When I turn the machine on the alarm on the operator station says "NCA-ASL 30 XFMR OVRTP". My control rack apears to be fully booted and the DCI cards all look to be functioning. The IBA card has 2 lights that should not be on but I can't tell you how to clear them. The modules page on the operator station does not reflect the indications from the DCI cards. It appears that the control and the I/O are not talking to each other.
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    Re: Cincinnati T30 5-axis I/O

    If this is a new install, the machine may have had a step up or step down transformer. It may have had a over temp sensor in it that is not wired up. Look for two small wires ( 14 or 16 gage) coming from the transformer. If it has been running, look in the electrical prints and see what transformer the error code lists and what wires/input it goes with.

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    Re: Cincinnati T30 5-axis I/O

    What types of drive do you have? Indramat o siemens?

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