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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC Swiss Screw Machines > CITIZEN Machines > Citizen M12 " Cannot download NC system" Alarm
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    Citizen M12 " Cannot download NC system" Alarm

    Hi All,

    Has anyone experienced this alarm on their early 2000 model L or M machines?

    The machine's control simply shut off on me while in a power on state(but not running). When I try cycling power back on, I always get this message and can't go any further.
    I talked to a Citizen tech and he said its a 50/50 chance it could be either the hard drive(or cable) or mother board. He told me 1st to get the hard drive and see if that fixes the problem, but I'm just looking for some other opinions on if anyone experienced this issue first hand before I start emptying my wallet.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Citizen M12 " Cannot download NC system" Alarm

    Time to get the wallet out this is a HDD fault new drive needed

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    Re: Citizen M12 " Cannot download NC system" Alarm

    I need you help.I just bought 2001 Cincom M-12 from the auction without Machine Manual. Many parts were missing .I will like to know the list of Mitsubishi parts number for 2 spindle drive unit and may be 4 servo drive units.
    They are located front of the machine.Please I really appreciate it.My email rwinkho@yahoo.com in southern California.

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