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    Clone Advice Needed (1st Post)

    Hey CNCZone,

    I've been stalking this forum for a while now. Amazing knowledge base!

    I'm considering my first milling machine (that I will be converting to a CNC). I've looked at Grizzly's G0704 and PM's PM25MV, saw a comparison video, looked like the PM might be slightly sturdier, belt drive, etc. Then I went on Alibaba/Aliexpress and found something called a HUISN WMD25V-2 and WMD30VB. They seem to be at a better price point, and from what I can tell as a newbie (without a timeconstraint on purchasing), would be similar in quality.

    The other thing I'm seeing on here is all these build threads which are very interesting (but might be slightly too adventurous for me).

    Wondering if anyone has some advice on an off-the-shelf machine? Budget's around $2k, but if I can get a PM940 clone for that kind of money from China, instead of the $3500 from here, I wouldn't mind spending it.

    In any case, just looking for a little bit of advice as a newbie to machining in general. I have a little additive manufacturing experience. Any pointers, feedback, etc. are welcome.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Clone Advice Needed (1st Post)

    Buy the cheepest version and in a year you will know what exactly you want.

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