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    Question close geometry

    hey everyone,

    simple one for you,
    im very new to alphacam and cad type programmes,
    I have drawn a simple shape i need to machine, ive been able to apply a z level to it but i cannot set a material or or tool path because it says i need to close the geometry,
    as far as i can tell it is closed.

    What am i missing?.


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    Re: close geometry

    I'm not familiar with alphacam but CAM systems are sensitive to line gaps. Look at each intersection and check its contiguous. Some systems have a chaining function so if you select a line it will chain the lines connected to it. It stops at a gap so it's easier to find them. Look closely they can be hard to find (in plain sight).Peter

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    Re: close geometry

    Welcome to the Zone.

    you can insert an Image (Screen shot) or Video of want you're trying to do with Quick Reply Tool Bar..
    Good luck

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    Re: close geometry

    You most probably also need to join the elements in your profile to create one continuous machinable profile using "Join" in the "Edit" Menu which should close the geometry.
    Click on "Edit" then "Join" then select (click on) each element you want to join then click on "Finish (ESC)"
    Elements won't join if an element does not start at the exact end of the previous element you will then need to use "Trim" or "Extend" before using "Join"

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    Re: close geometry

    Good advice so far. I've never used Alphacam, so my advice is more generic. Open vectors can be hard to find, as others have mentioned. Look at what you think are closed intersections and zoom way in for a micro closeup. Somethings that's the only way you can see them.

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    if joining does not work also try common line removal. If you have two lines on top of each other it can sometimes cause problem and using common line removal will remove one of the lines.

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    Re: close geometry

    There is a function called " show breaks " which you will find in the view tab/display options (looks like two crosses on a broken geometry )
    It will put white crosses on your picked geometry where the start point is along with any broken elements. It`s a very useful function. Sometimes you might find a copied
    line which is underneath al line which is more difficult to spot.

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    Re: close geometry

    As long as You don't attach the drawing - we can only guess..

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    Re: close geometry

    Thx god I bumped into this thread! The geometry strategy with the continuous machinable profile using "Join" in the "Edit" Menu saved my project and was able to close it in appropriate deadlines! Sincerely appreciate your efforts! I'd have another question. I am just starting with AplhaCam, so it feels like a mess in my head. I have a problem with converting folders, especially I need a conversion from ARD to DFX. Is there some solution to convert them at once and not each one separately? I have read on https://www.championtutor.com/tutor-...singapore.html some guidelines, but it didn't work for me, maybe something wrong in settings but I have no idea where to search.

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