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    Closed servo connection

    Hi all,
    Am having trouble with connecting a servo driver,
    The driver has step, dir and enable + & -
    My controller has step plus and step minus
    Dir plus and dir minus, enable on,

    I have all conected up, its enabled and locked up, but wont move,
    Control signals seem to reach it, because as i move directions i see the 4.5 volts drop and rise on the pin outs

    Any help appreciated

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    Re: Closed servo connection

    Could do with an image of your controller to see the connections or tell us which one it is so we can have a look at the pdf manual.

    Normally you have 5V (or 24V)+ power connection output going from controller going to all 3 + connections on the driver in parallel.
    So this one feed goes to PUL+, DIR+ & ENBL+, on ALL drives

    Then the - (negative) connections go from your controller outputs.
    So STEP- output to PUL-.
    DIR- output to DIR-
    Then ENABLE- output goes to ENBL- on ALL drives

    For Example: OUT1 to ENBL- on ALL drives
    OUT2 to X, PUL-
    OUT3 to X, DIR-
    5V+ out to ALL drives, PUL+, DIR+ & ENBL+.
    This is known as active low.

    It could be that your board has individual optocoupler type layout.
    In these cases, usually the + connections get daisy chained to the + power feed.

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