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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > CNC-3018 quit communicating when the spindle motor energized
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    CNC-3018 quit communicating when the spindle motor energized

    Here is a short clip demonstrating the issue I am having (New machine )


    If I remove the power from the spindle motor, the cnc will not lose communication and will operate and move in all three axis in accordance with the G-code. The communication loss only occurs when the spindle motor is energized.

    What I have done so far

    1-I separated the power supply of the spindle nmotor from the control
    Still the same issue

    2-I de-attached the control board from the machine frame to rule out vibration and electrical noise
    Still the same problem

    3-I de-attached the spindle motor from the frame away from the machine and carfully hold it with my hand and supplied power to it
    in this case the machine operated and executed the g-code file

    So it seems that this issue only repeat when the spindle motor is attached to the frame where it should be.



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    Re: CNC-3018 quit communicating when the spindle motor energized

    It was a stupid data cable

    That should have been the first thing I should have suspected.

    Anyway I wanted to report the solution. If that help someone that may come across the same situation, I will be glad.



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    Re: CNC-3018 quit communicating when the spindle motor energized

    Thanks for posting Philip

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