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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > CNC 6040 - X-Axis stutters and Jitters when moving x-, x+ is fine
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    Question CNC 6040 - X-Axis stutters and Jitters when moving x-, x+ is fine


    This is my first post and "hi everyone".

    I recently started with milling machines (again.. its been 20 years ago and i aint had problems,.. just Carbon cutting) - but i am more a FDM - SLA - mSLA guy.

    Pre Problem : I bought a CNC 6040 which is chinaware from a german warehouse - aside from that it seemed to be a used one i was quit happy except the Y-Axis which is not stiff enough (not railed).

    When i started the first milling trys on MDF i noticed that several things happen and can be reduced to the same problem:

    Problem 1: Multilayer Carving - the second and third layers are always shifted between 1 and 2 mm to the right.
    Switched X and Y Axis and the problem persists - so its shifting upwards about 1-2 mm.

    I read it might be a defective driver - well.... tell me ?

    Problem 2:

    Z-axis does start to stutter/Jitter SOMETIMES when moving down - sounds it like skipping steps (same as you would hear when watching the video - but more seldom but heavier.. and you see the handwheel jumps)

    What RALLY makes me wonder is: Jog Movements or using Arrow Keys with Mach3 makes no problem - Typing in the MDI related gcode like x-140 makes the trouble.
    Thanks for ANY input!

    Video :


    Machine :

    CNC 6040 - watercooled
    1.5 kw
    BSMCE04U-PP Board
    TX14207 Drivers

    If you need anything else, please drop me a line.
    Thank you VERY MUCH

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    Re: CNC 6040 - X-Axis stutters and Jitters when moving x-, x+ is fine

    Thanks, it is a hardware / driver fault. I switched the 4th (A) axis with the X, since i barely use the A Axis - problem solved.
    Just waiting to get a new exchange.

    But while i am on this and the Drivers are REALLY QUIT GARBAGE :

    Do you know DECENT drivers which can be used in exchange for the TX14207? Do i really need to go for Leadshine? - on the other hand 59Bucks for a Driver shouldnt be the problem - if thats the price


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    Re: CNC 6040 - X-Axis stutters and Jitters when moving x-, x+ is fine


    i tried simple elements like circles and what i have noticed as well is shown in the video :


    At the moment where the direction change occours for the circle, the motor is like jittering or losing steps...
    i have forgotten where i did read how to fix that... it was by adjusting values for the motor tuning.

    This is the "off" for the axis for small circles 15mm and 60mm ... at the end you see the result after the 4th repeat of the same gcode..


    thanks and regards

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