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    Exclamation CNC 6040Z controler software/driver help needed urgently.

    Shop PC stolen with all installation backups.
    Machine is a chinacnc zone 6040 with a CNC6040Z USB controller (still have the special USB cable)
    New PC is Win7 Pro.
    But now I need to find/load software and drivers to get things working.
    And once again learn how to do things but that is not the issue.
    When I set the machine up originally, I remember having to use some specific software to get the PC to talk to the controller.
    Can anyone help guide me through the process please?
    The company website is as clear as mud and all they talk about is MACH3 but I am using Win7 Pro.
    This is (for me anyway) fairly urgent so please take mercy - I am lost...

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    Re: CNC 6040Z controler software/driver help needed urgently.

    For more clarification...
    I had set the machine up and gotten it to work.
    Made about 10 work-pieces.
    Then I was diagnosed with cancer so packed it up and did all the treatment things.
    Then COVID and lock-down happened.
    On Monday I went to dust everything off and fire it all up only to discover that the motherboard and hard drive had been stolen.
    Along with ALL copies of whatever software installed.
    But the big disaster is that I have to have name tags ready for a family members wedding in 2 weeks.
    So I am buggered if I don't get some kind soul taking mercy and helping me figure out what to do exactly and how to do it.
    Once the machine is able to be sent g-code I will be ok - getting to that point is the issue - I cannot remember what to do and the supplier website is about as useful as the local SASSA office.
    I am on WhatsApp so if needed we can video call.
    Thanks for reading...

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    Re: CNC 6040Z controler software/driver help needed urgently.

    I have been trying to contact ChinaCNCzone .com to get some help and advice but it would seem that they are simply not interested in even responding to after sales service requests or inquiry's.
    ChinaCNCzone simply do not answer or respond to emails OR requests submitted using their own website.
    There are links to be able to download the software on the ChinaCNCzone website BUT they either do not work OR send you to a password protected google site.
    BOTH of the above are as anyone will agree, TOTALLY USELESS.
    So I am now of the opinion that buying a ChinaCNCzone machine was indeed a big mistake - you get stuck with NO SUPPORT...
    It seems that once they have your money they are not interested in supporting their clients.
    I also noticed that their website has NOT BEEN UPDATED SINCE 2018 - which is a BIG RED FLAG.
    ChinaCNCzone may well have gone out of business and if they have I can see why...
    In my opinion, if ChinaCNCzoneare is still operating I would NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ChinaCNCzone.

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    Re: CNC 6040Z controler software/driver help needed urgently.

    Had a mind-storm...
    The controller box that came with the machine connects using a printer port to a cable with USB on the one side that then plugs into the PC USB port
    The controller box does not have the ability to convert g-code to step/direction instructions from the look of things.
    All that gets done on the PC.
    BUT if I put an Arduino with GRBL into the box and connect it to all the stepper drivers etc then I can use GCS on the PC to send instructions in g-code to the controller box.
    THEN I found out that GCS is now built with both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Jave which means that it will work on WinXP.
    Now it just so happens that I have an old HP Notepad that can only run WinXP - Win7 or better wont load...
    I do have an Arduino UNO somewhere so I need to load GRBL onto it, mount it in the controller box and wire the pins to the stepper drivers (DM542)
    In for a VERY stressful weekend...

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    Re: CNC 6040Z controler software/driver help needed urgently.

    There are some bits an bobs on this website:
    Not sure how useful.
    There's various novosun / nvum /grbl / usbmach / bin files on there.
    Problem with the USB controllers is that the usbmach drivers don't seem to have been updated since Mach3.043 was released.
    They just get passed around various suppliers as-is. When it comes time to need a new pc, they can be problematic.

    As for mach3 your issue is you need a license and your license file will have been on you hard drive. You'd have to buy a new lic file if you never backed up your drive or software. (the Chinese do have a habit of selling machines with pirated lic files too tho).

    If desperate, you could try and figure out a way of doing your urgent needed work with your gcode files each split into 500 lines. If you download mach3 you can use it in demo mode upto 500 lines without a lic.

    Then figure the rest out later.

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    Re: CNC 6040Z controler software/driver help needed urgently.

    Decided to take the controller box and put an Arduino in it.
    Then I will have access to a lot of support...
    The controller box has the VFD and nice stepper drivers so it should be a win.
    And ChinaCNCzone will NEVER see me again...

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