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    CNC lathe wont read cam max speed

    Hi all!

    I am trying to use constant surface speed in Fusion360 CAM to use in a cnc lathe with Mach3 turn. The problem is that the lathe wont read the max rpm that I have set up in fusion360 and just increase the chuck speed to the max speed possible when approaching the minor diameter of the part. I have tried different combinations but wont work. Any idea what could it be?.

    This is an example of the code

    N10 G90 G94 G18
    N11 G21
    N12 G28 U0.
    N13 G28 W0.

    (2 ROUGHING)
    N14 T0101
    N15 G54
    N16 G94
    N17 G97 S410 M3
    N18 G0 X36.1 Z5.
    N19 M48 S410
    N20 G96 S200 M3
    N21 G0 Z6.
    N22 X18.1
    N23 G1 X15.1 F150.
    N24 Z-53.8
    N25 X18.1
    N26 X20.1 Z-52.8
    N27 G0 X25.1
    N28 Z-48.8
    N29 G1 Z-53.8 F150.
    N30 X12.6
    N31 Z-52.572
    N32 G90 G18 G2 X12.151 Z-50.825 I-6.9
    N33 G1 X12.1 Z-50.729
    N34 Z-26.249
    N35 G2 X12.3 Z-25.079 I-6.8 K1.17
    N36 G1 Z-12.955
    N37 G2 X12.1 Z-11.785 I-6.9
    N38 G1 Z6.
    N39 X9.1
    N40 Z-7.627
    N41 X11.313 Z-10.393
    N42 G3 X12.1 Z-11.785 I-6.406 K-2.563
    N43 G1 X14.1 Z-10.785
    N44 G0 X21.599
    N45 Z-7.627
    N46 X12.1
    N47 G1 X9.1 F150.
    N48 X6.1 Z-3.877
    N49 Z6.
    N50 X3.1
    N51 Z-1.418
    N52 G3 X5.177 Z-2.723 I-1.654 K-2.382
    N53 G1 X6.1 Z-3.877
    N54 X8.1 Z-2.877
    N55 G0 Z-1.418
    N56 X6.1
    N57 G1 X3.1 F150.
    N58 X2.898 Z-1.351
    N59 X2.691 Z-1.288
    N60 X2.688 Z-1.287
    N61 X2.686
    N62 X2.65 Z-1.276
    N63 G2 X0.75 Z-0.94 I-1.429 K-2.524
    N64 G1 Z6.
    N65 X-1.6
    N66 Z-0.9
    N67 X-0.208
    N68 G3 X0.75 Z-0.94 K-2.9
    N69 G1 X2.75 Z0.06
    N70 G0 X22.3
    N71 Z-26.249
    N72 X15.1
    N73 G1 X12.1 F150.
    N74 G3 X11.907 Z-26.714 I-6.8 K1.17
    N75 G1 X10. Z-30.623
    N76 Z-46.716
    N77 X12.1 Z-50.729
    N78 X14.1 Z-49.729
    N79 G0 Z-46.716
    N80 X13.
    N81 G1 X10. F150.
    N82 X8.232 Z-43.338
    N83 G3 X7.9 Z-42.047 I4.934 K1.291
    N84 G1 Z-35.54
    N85 G3 X8.191 Z-34.332 I5.1
    N86 G1 X10. Z-30.623
    N87 X12. Z-31.623
    N88 G0 X36.1
    N89 Z5.
    N90 G97 S410 M3

    N91 G28 U0.
    N92 G28 W0.
    N93 M30

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    Community Moderator Jim Dawson's Avatar
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    Dec 2013

    Re: CNC lathe wont read cam max speed

    The Artsoft website seems to be down, so no access to the forums right now.

    Just for fun try replacing the M48 with a G50, that seems to be the standard for the CSS spindle speed limit for a number of other controllers. Be careful, not sure what will happen.

    N17 G97 S410 M3
    N18 G0 X36.1 Z5.
    N19 G50 S410
    N20 G96 S200 M3
    N21 G0 Z6.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: CNC lathe wont read cam max speed

    Hi Jim, thanks for your reply.

    Changing M48 with G50 wont make a difference. One thing I have noticed is that, the program starts normal, but at line N23, the program appears to stop, but the feed speed just slows so much that is almost imperceptible. If it wasnt for the last decimal in the DRO changing very slow, I would not have notice there is movement at all.

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