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Thread: CNC router

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    CNC router

    I have a CNC router Machine that includes NK300BX, lambda_4s_series, and 4 Panasonic AC Servo Motor & Driver
    The error appeared " Servo alarm of X & Z axis"
    In the NK300 manuals, the Cause is " The polarity of the X&Z-axis servo alarm port is wrong" or "There is an error in the X&Z-axis servo driver itself".
    The polarity of the three axes(X, Y, Z) has been changed to "NC".
    Y&Z-axis servo motors worked in reverse and slowly, and X-axis servo motors worked properly and slowly
    When returning the polarity "NO" as it was "default" to any of the axes, it gives an error signal on the axis whose polarity has been changed, and all the axes collection stops
    I don't know where is the error
    can you help me, please

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    Re: CNC router

    On the Panasonic drivers are any of the displays flashing? This indicates and error and you can display the error codes by pressing a few button on the driver. Post a close up picture of you Panasonic amps and get the model numbers

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    Re: CNC router

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