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    CNC Router Build Using Servo Motors

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first CNC build so i have some questions to be sure I'm moving in the right direction.

    The stage I'm at right now is that I've been able to communicate to the drivers using RS232 communication at the C1 port in OPMODE 8.
    I've loaded up the profile for the motors and set the limits.
    I'm able to run the motors and get feedback from the encoder in the motor.

    I have QTY:4 of each of the following;
    Drivers: Kollmorgen - Servostar CD # CE03260
    Motors: Kollmorgen - Goldline XT # MT1502A1-E2D1

    This is the extent of my working knowledge with the systems. our applications with the motors have typically single directional movement through software.

    At this stage I'm looking for a controller but I'm concerned I'll grab something that isn't compatible.
    I'll likely use MACH4, unless someone has other suggestions.

    if i go that route i was thinking of going with something from PMDX such as;
    PMDX.COM - Products for CNC and motion control applications
    if that would work.

    or should i go another route?
    A lot of past posts have shown MACH3 setups using a parallel port. is this still the best method of communication?

    is there anything else I'm missing?

    Full manual for the servostar CD can be found here;


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    Re: CNC Router Build Using Servo Motors

    Most modern computers lack a parallel port, and that can be a bottleneck in communications. People are generally using a converter of some sort, like the UC-100 for USB. or the Smoothstepper for ethernet.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: CNC Router Build Using Servo Motors

    Try uccnc or linux cnc .

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    Re: CNC Router Build Using Servo Motors

    I want to stay away from using a parallel port and any Legacy hardware since I only have access to NUCs running Windows 10.
    Im looking at the "UC300ETH-5LPT", and it gives me option use UCCNC, mach3 or mach4.

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    Re: CNC Router Build Using Servo Motors

    Mach 3 4 are obsolete , they cant compete uccnc , and ot cost u only 55 euro for software .

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    Re: CNC Router Build Using Servo Motors

    I made the purchase of the UC300eth and I'll be getting the UCCNC license.
    I do have some questions though,
    The manual is kind of unclear how to set up the outputs for the servomotors/servostar CD input.
    I'll draw up a cable with pinouts to make sure I'm understanding this correctly.

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    Re: CNC Router Build Using Servo Motors

    I'm pretty sure this cable setup will work in gearmode 4 - pulse/direction.
    Cable length from the controller to the driver will be short, around 3' so i hope noise wont be an issue.

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    Re: CNC Router Build Using Servo Motors

    Yes i think this will work , u need for uc300 eth a breackboard to connect it to servo , u need this in order not to burn the cpu of uc300 eth and protect it .

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