Hello, hope you're doing well.
I currently work in sign making shop and the software they use on theire CNC Router 3 axis is NCStudio, some thing got wrong with it ,maybe a virus and i had to re-instal NCStudio.
After re-instaling NCStudio the machine keeps going to the origin and keeps hitting the limits so i have to shut it down befor damaging the belts or other parts.
Befor it used to work fine, even the limit switches work, but after i re-instal NCStudio it does not.
i also removed the NCStudio board from the PC et tried it on another PC same thing.
Need help, why does it do that and how do i fix it, thank you.
I don't know what model this machine, i assum it's very old, but it works on NCStudio motherboard et software ..ect.