hi all, We make many carbon fibre components, some with around 80 tapped holes blind and through in a range of sizes. these are currently thread milled with ticn-coated treadmills.
This works well but is very very time consuming keep adjusting cutter comp to size them.
~Also puts all the pressure on the machinist to keep adjusting cutter comp as you know one digit wrong and the part is scrap. One of our ops is around 30 mins to run the whole thread milling program, then adjust and re-run, hours of work...

Are there any taps out there for rigid tapping in carbon fibre that produce a good thread and not de-laminate the top few layers of carbon.
We have tried with many different taps but find they always slightly de-laminate the top skin, on safety critical areas in our industry this is not acceptable.

any help or experience would be great