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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > cncest 6040 with a PRT-E1500W vfd with usb AVI problem
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    Unhappy cncest 6040 with a PRT-E1500W vfd with usb AVI problem

    First off, they should not be able to sell these machines with out any documention, as to" how to set up". They make it sound like any ol' body can run one of these things. I have had mine now for two years and have only seen the router spin in manual mode. There is so much misinformation I think I messed up my VFD settings. The first time I reset the VFD I did the d001 to 1 and then the d176 to 1 and then changed the 50Hz to 400Hz, every thing worked fine. Now I cannot Change to 400Hz. It acts like it is broken. I know it is not or I would not be able to make the first two changes. they work fine, but as soon as i try to change the 50HZ to 400HZ the up key and down key do absolutey nothing. I may have made so other changes to the vfd I do not remember. There are so many different people with different information on how the parameters are to be set. I have never seen the XY or Z axis ever move in two years, so I thought maybe I did't have the correcvt parameters so I tried 3 or 4 different settings, thinking that when I did the d176 reset no matter what I did it would be reset. NOPE!! I would be very greatful for any help on this as I am ready to toss this thing out the window.

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    Re: cncest 6040 with a PRT-E1500W vfd with usb AVI problem

    Presumably you bought it because the price was quite low.Now you know how they get the price down there... I can't help with resetting the VFD but I suspect your chances of finding the answer would be improved if you could add screenshots to your post then those who do know their way around might be better placed to advise.A couple of pics of the machine and controller might help as sometimes these machines are sold with different labels stuck on and the owner of a similar machine would recognise one.If you don't have enough posts to your name to add pics then a few more posts in various sub forums might get you there quite quickly.

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