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    CO2 Glass Laser Refill

    Anyone tried refilling their glass tubes? I wanna try it since we have almost 50 pcs. depleted 60 watts glass tubes, I wanna try the continuous and the sealed type, im finding a hard time purchasing a helium gas in our area, I tried purchasing a laser mix in alibaba but they need the gas mixture percentage, I cannot give them since I havent tried experimenting yet on what`s the optimum mixture, I have all the tools and equipment to do the job since im a refrigeration guy for 17 years (vacuum pump, access valves, charging gauges, etc) according to my research I only need 2 psi of mix gas, is it correct? or anyone point me in the right direction on purchasing a laser mix gas for 60W laser tubes.

    I also want to refill a synrad 75W RF tube, we have one weak unit here in the shop, I dismantled it and studied it`s constructions and learned from it, it uses two RF amplifiers for energizing the laser mix gas, again I dont know what`s the mixture, analyzing it`s o-ring design probably it can hold only up to 5-10 psi since the charging port is only the two terminal posts on the RF amplifier with a square O-ring, any tips on what`s the mixture on these kind of laser?

    Pressures, gases, high voltages and high power radio frequencies are not new to me, I can handle thousands of psi of gases with ease I can touch 40K high voltage bare hands without dying :rainfro: the trick in high voltage is to insulate yourself from earth ground (2-3 inches), it can sting but surely it cant kill you.

    My aim on refilling is to optimize the tubes itself to be more powerful from stock and refillable. because china ships tubes here out of 10 tubes sometimes the 2 tubes are weak, sometimes 4 weak tubes. we buy tubes by tens to compensate the customs charges.

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    Re: CO2 Glass Laser Refill

    anyone wanna help?

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    Re: CO2 Glass Laser Refill

    Write me at cinematic2@tlen.pl
    CNC lasers, constructions, service

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    Re: CO2 Glass Laser Refill

    Hello cinematic2,
    I'm from Poland too. Do you maybe have any idea-fix for RF tubes too?

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