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    COLCHESTER TORNADO 80 alarm 1007


    We have COLCHESTER TORNADO 80 with GE-FANUC 21-t
    At each attempt to rotate the spindle gives an alarm 1007 monitoring hardware fault.
    We read about the recovery procedure, but we do not have such a supplementary board.
    We will be grateful if anyone can help.


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    Re: COLCHESTER TORNADO 80 alarm 1007

    Hi, If your tornado is equipped in SSM Board, you need to use procedure as bellow

    If, with the link, LK2, in the right hand position, +5A, the push button on the SSM is held down while the main isolator is switched on as described above to delete the Alarm History, but then is
    held longer, the SSM display cycles around the available maximum spindle speed settings
    When the required maximum speed is displayed releasing the push button writes this value to the SSM memory.
    The main isolator must now be switched off and the link restored to its normal position

    Good Luck
    In case SSM failure I can offer to repair it.

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