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    Cool Come to see Mira 7045

    Here I like to introduce our New Mira7045 to you, you should not miss this good machine before you buy. :-?

    1.*5G Acceleration speed,1200mm/sec Scan speed,same as MIRA.
    2.*Same Clean pack design for dust proof purpose
    3.*Fully Enclosed Class 1 laser products, with safety lock for each window of the machine,with shield plate on back of every window, key switch for the whole machine.
    4.*Use tempered Glass for the lid instead of PC, fire resistance grade highly enhanced,
    5.*Built-in compressor type Chiller, with temperature display, control temperature much more easy.
    6.*Honeycomb and Blade double worktable, cutting and engraving professionally.
    7.*Rotary installed inside of the machine, connecting more easy.
    8.*330W Turbo Blower for top and bottom exhaust, 105W air pump, more powerful exhaust and air.

    This small body machine will not take your too much room, but will get you more professional engraving results!

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    Re: Come to see Mira 7045


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    Re: Come to see Mira 7045

    Can you show us how it works? It would be nice to see some photos or videos about how it functions. Do you have the possibility to present this information? I am from https://populationstat.com/united-states/seattle but know very little about this machine. To be honest, I do not know about it at all. So educate me more in this respect. Many thanks for your time in advance.

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