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    Comparing strengths

    I have a steel C channel 10.625" X 3.25 X .25" thick, I want to swap it out with a 6061-T6 aluminum C channel that will be just as strong or a little stronger.

    Which option would be comparable in strength?
    10 X 4.25 X .310 (AA)
    10 X 2.88 X .526(AS)
    12 X 4 X .290(AA)
    12 X 3 X .300(AS)
    12 X 3.17 X .510(AS)

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    Re: Comparing strengths

    Hi Rosko - do you mean strength as you are using this as a beam or do you mean stiffness like using it for a gantry? I'll assume its stiffness. Since aluminium is 3x less stiff then steel you will need a bigger section for strength or stiffness. This means the 12x4x0.29 AL channel; is the only one that may get there. Peter

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