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    connector wires on NEMA 23

    I built a KRMx02 about 5 years ago. I had finally got the damn thing working in jog mode when my (OLD OLD OLD) computer began to seize up when in MACH3... probably from dust and general inattention. I intend to try to move to a RaspberryPI controller. Its cheap enough that if I can't no big deal.

    My NEMA 23 motors (4: y, 2x, Z) are connected to the current controller by what appears to be the old type video connector. Is this a special arrangement of the CNC RouterParts engines? Can I simply cut the connector and use the wires within?

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    Re: connector wires on NEMA 23

    It's a D-Sub type connector. In the past hundred years or so, those connectors have been used for all kinds of purposes in all kinds of electronic equipment - including, as you can see, some CNC machines. You can definitely cut the connector off, or you can buy a matching connector for it (if you want to be able to disconnect the motor quickly).

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    Re: connector wires on NEMA 23

    Thank you for the handholding. I looked up the company I bought it from, asked the question and got the response: https://www.cncrouterparts.com/5a-bu...tor-p-296.html

    I'm a little freaked out by what I'm trying.

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    Re: connector wires on NEMA 23

    Please document the change to Raspberry Pi as I believe a lot of us would like to know how it goes.A small and cheap controller might free up some useful workshop space in addition to consuming very little power.

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