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    Question Continuous 4th Rotation?

    Hey all,

    I have a lens that I need spun continuously by my 4th axis rotary while a grinding pin carves out a curve.

    So far I've used Trace to map out the appropriate curve for my custom grinding tool but I am struggling to find the appropriate toolpath strategy to just spin the A-axis continuously while it follows the guide curve.

    See attachment, I already built a fixture to hold the 4th axis perpendicular to the optical axis. This is company property so I don't have permission to hotwire it to an Arduino-controlled stepper driver or anything like that.

    I've also tried jog locking the 4th axis on the Haas mini mill I'm using while the code runs and that was unsuccessful.

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    Re: Continuous 4th Rotation?

    my understanding is that simultaneous fourth axis is in Machining Extensions of Fusion.

    Thus you need the basic Fusion subscription and then the Machining Extensions. Machining Extension gives more than just four axis, it gives five axis simultaneous, collision avoidance AND
    toolpath editing.


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    Re: Continuous 4th Rotation?

    Thanks, Craig. I've seen that extension online previously and got scared by the $$$. This is just a one time production run due to it's large diameter so not justifiable for me in this case.

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    Re: Continuous 4th Rotation?

    There may be a solution.

    Fusion Machining Extensions can be bought with 'tokens' but daily, weekly or monthly. As you can imagine you pay a premium by buying in this way
    but then again if you bought a 'weeks worth' you could end up with a good toolpath, and even when the week is ended the Gcode does not expire does it? You can use it again and again.

    In order to get Machining Extensions it is required (to my understanding) that you already have the basic Fusion subscription, which depending on where you are is about $575USD/year.

    Maybe worth investigating. Autodesk do some awesome deals to get new subscribers. My fist years Machining Extensions were discounted to $1200USD (from $1600USD), and because I was feeling
    especially poor (no more than normal!!!) at the time of renewal they offered the second years subscription at even less!. Many CNCers regard Autodesk with deep suspicion or outright dislike, in the same manner
    as Micrsoft, but whatever may be said about Autodesk is they pull out all the stops to get new customers.


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