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    daewoo DMV3016L

    i have a daewoo 3016, the light inside the machine has been out for awhile, since ive been with this company. which has been about a year and a half. i just recently took over management and have been trying to get all the little inconvenient problems fixed, such as this darn light.
    i have just recently ordered a new LED light bar to place inside the machine to replace the old out dated light. when my maintenance crew installed it, it doesnt seem to work and their isnt a light switch on my 3016 like their is on my two other daewoo machines. i was just curious if anyone else has had this problem or new something i didnt on how to get this darn light turned on. i would greatly appreciate any and all ideas.

    -dalton richardson.

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    Re: daewoo DMV3016L

    What is the machine's serial number? (found on the placard, located near the main power switch)
    What is the Electrical Hardware version? (found on the placard, located near the main power switch)

    What is the ladder version?
    Press the <SYSTEM> hard key
    Press the <PMC> softkey (depending on Fanuc model)
    Press the <PMCPRM> or <PMCCONFIG> (depending on Fanuc model)
    Press the <TITLE> softkey
    There is a field: PROGRAM DRAWING NUMBER (it is in the middle of the page)
    It contains a LONG alphanumeric sequence, separated by a comma or colon...and then another alphanumeric sequence
    I need the WHOLE code...everything in that field.

    From this information, I can see why the machine does anything and everything related to IO
    Doosan Service Technician
    darryl.hardt@doosanmt.com O:973-618-2461 M:973-803-9479

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