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    Daewoo puma 6s Parameters needed

    I have a Daewoo 6s lathe the battery died so I lost everything.

    I do have a 14 page printout of settings to use. I have input lines 001 too 8000+ manualy typed in.

    I have not had any luck in getting machine to go past start up info screen. I get no alarms up so can't really look up more info

    There is a few pages with I think 9000+ number lines of code that I can't find where to input the data to..

    From what I have been reading u can upload parameters from a pc I have old pc with rs232 port etc

    Where do I go from here? Any help on where to input the last 6 pages of code in or a file I could try to load in would be very helpful and much appreciated

    I did post a similar question in fanuc topic but I should have posted here sorry.

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    Re: Daewoo puma 6s Parameters needed

    Some parameters can be manually typed in. Some can be loaded thru tape reader (not recommended) or RS-232.
    Contact your Doosan distributor. Doosan keeps a record of machine parameters and would be able to help.
    Also, contact Darryl Hardt in Doosan Service - tell him I sent you.

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    Re: Daewoo puma 6s Parameters needed

    So i got hold of the Australian branch as this is where the machine was sold (HARE & FORBES). No luck

    the best he could do was a paper copy of a machine from that range. That is no use to me as i have a paper copy of my exact machine parameters but can only input 6 pages or so of data out of 14 pages.

    Is there a way to write your own parameter file from the 14 pages of data i have?

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