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    Post D'ANDREA BPS cross bar installation manual


    I'm looking for a step-by-step manual (or video with explanation) for installation of the D'ANDREA's BPS cross bar along together with CW200 and TR200 extensions. I would also be thankful, if anyone has experience installing it and is willing to share his experience with me.
    In attachment you can find an extract of D'ANDREA's catalog containing info about BPS cross bar.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: D'ANDREA BPS cross bar installation manual

    hy damza i just googled those a bit; pls find attached

    if anyone has experience installing it and is willing to share his experience with me
    i didn't used that configuration, but this is what i would do :
    ... from 7, set the insert at it's closest position to the toolholder, because less overhang = rigidity
    ... from 2, set the rough position of the tr200 block, in such a way, that there is still clearance between insert edge and bore, then fine adjust with 7
    ... mount the cw200
    ... roughly draw the tr and cw in solidworks at their real position, then find center of gravity and adjust real position to suit the 3d model; run some trials on the machine, at relatively slow rpm, and fine tune the position of the cw200; you may skip the 3d modelling, only that, if you do it, it will give you a place to start
    ... start trial cutting and don't forget, if possible, to shift insert position once you reach the bottom, so to avoid recuting when you pull it out

    In attachment you can find
    attachements will not work for now, unless you post a little more; after that, they will be available to you also just a small safety thing against many many spammers, don't take it personal

    i thought that you were after some crazy stuff from d'andrea, but if it is only for such a cross bar, then things are simpler / kindly

    ps : one more thing : use a scale weight, find mass for tr and cw:
    ... if similar, then their position, relative to center, should be almost the same
    ... if ratio is 1:2, then one is close to the center, and the other is at a double distance; final fine tuning should be done, so to achieve low rotation inerta
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