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    DECKEL 100V Gear at wrong position.

    Hello colleagues ! I have some problem with my DECKEL 100 V CNC Milling machine. While I manipulate the axis manually, machine can stop and error appears - GEAR AT WRONG POSITION. Also It can appears while the machine do nothing. In the program running mode it never happen. I can not find this failure in users manual.
    What does it means? Where I need to search the problem? Does anybody know?
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    Re: DECKEL 100V Gear at wrong position.

    Not sure I can help but can give you some generic info. First I want to say that Deckel you have (like most Deckels) is a pretty cool looking machine.

    Ignore this if you don't have a two or three speed geared head, or any gearboxes on your machine.

    I'm thinking that a sensor or position switch that verifys a successful gear change (possibly labeled CS1) located on or around the gearbox, has gone slightly out of adjustment or has a loose wire causing it to become intermittent.

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    Re: DECKEL 100V backup

    Hi everyone

    I need all machine backup deckel maho DMC 100v.

    Email: hadi.farkhani021@yahoo.com
    Email: hadi.farkhani021@gmail.com

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