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    Delta ASDA-AB servo Drive + motor configuration

    Hello all,

    I try to configure a Delta ASDA-AB servo drive + delta 400W motor that I salvaged from a machine.
    I want the drive/motor combo to work with enable/step/dir signals and I absolutely got lost
    in the jungle of all that parameters and options.
    I liked to attached the manual of that drive, so anybody trying to help doesn't need to search for it.
    Unfortunately the file was to large to attach.

    Initially the drive and motor did nothing, so I did a reset to factory defaults of all parameters.
    Then I tried to figure out what parameters do I need.

    What I got working so far is:
    on CN1 I connected buttons for enable jog-forward/reverse
    I put the drive in PT (Pulse Train) mode

    It kind of works, but not as expected.

    If I enable the drive (SON), I expect the motor to be stiff. Meaning intending to spin the shaft should
    put the force of the drive against the intent and the drive should try to hold exact position.
    That happens, kind of, but it has about 5 degrees of play in either direction before the drive kicks in
    to hold the shaft.

    Jog speed is set to something.
    If I SON the drive and press one of the jog buttons, sometimes he starts to spin, sometimes the shaft
    needs a nudge to start spinning. If the shaft is spinning, he holds exact programmed velocity and has
    enough torque (I cannot stop him by hand).

    I read about all parameters listed in the manual, but got overwhelmed, and actually I'm not sure if
    the drive has a problem or my parameter combinations.

    Anyone can give me some hints how to proceed with that.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Delta ASDA-AB servo Drive + motor configuration

    I have and use the later model B2 series Delta servos and drives.

    Unless I m mistaken the AB series can still be programmed by software on a PC.

    I like you, tried to program the drive by pushing buttons on the drive but its a REAL MISSION and VERY PRONE to mistakes.
    In the end I bought a genuine Delta cable and then used the PC software to program the drives. Like night and day! So much easier
    and then there is all the servo tuning aids in addition to just setting parameters. Do your self a favour and get a cable.



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    Re: Delta ASDA-AB servo Drive + motor configuration

    the cable I bought has an adaptor for USB to IEEE1394. There is a cheaper version, still genuine Delta, its is RS232 to IEEE1394.

    There are cables by other manufacturers that have the IEEE1394 plug, I believe they are called 'Firewire'. There are two termination types, one of which
    shorts out the GND and shield and can therefore damage the drive. It is for this reason that I bought a genuine Delta cable.


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