tried to search for some threads on Delta CNC solutions: Delta NC300 controller with ASD-A2 drives and motors (750W) but in vain.
We tried to setup the 4 axis, drives and motor work, but as the Delta manuals (for controller and drives) are so thin, could not find a way to set the master/slave parameters and make it work.
Not sure if anyone familiar with the controller, but worth trying to see if anyone has an idea on how it works.
So in the NC the axes are defined, and parameters for the A axis slave to Y axis is set. Still, the when moving Y, A motor does not move. When tryi ng to move A, it works.
No error is popping up.

I tried to contact Delta customer service but in vain.

I assume the controller adopts standard setup. So suggestions on how other c0ntrollers are set might work.

here the link to NC300 controller manual.

Any input appreciated.