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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > PlanetCNC > dialog documementation needed (dlg, dlgname, dlgshow)
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    Nov 2022

    dialog documementation needed (dlg, dlgname, dlgshow)

    Documentation for dialoge (dlg, dlgname, dlgshow) is still missing here at cnczone.
    Can anybody advise where to find description and parameters of these functions?

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    Jan 2022

    Re: dialog documementation needed (dlg, dlgname, dlgshow)

    As I Know there is no documentation available right now. But you can find some examples when searching for "dlgname" in this forum.

    Here is what i got so far

    Always start with (dlgname,Dialog Headline here)
    Content goes here...
    Always end Dialog with (dlgshow)

    Adding opt=1 hides cancel button:
    (dlgname,Dialog Headline here, opt=1)

    Add Text
    (dlg,my Text, typ=label, x=0, w=410, color=0xffffff)

    Add input field
    (dlg,Bezeichnung, dec=3, def=-20, min=-1000, max=1000, param=length)
    (dlg,Distance, x=0, dec=2, def='setunit(10, 0.5);', min=0.1, max=10000, setunits, store, param=dist)

    (dlg,./Icons/Warning.png, typ=image, x=0)

    Checkbox (may contain multiple elements separated by |)
    (dlg,|Yes|No, typ=checkbox, x=50, w=600, def=1, store, param=option)

    with linebreat before "option3" with \
    (dlg,caption|option1|option2|\option3|option4, typ=checkbox, x=20, w=90, def=1, store, param=action)

    param= parameter where to store result
    def= default value
    dec=decimal places
    x= left distance in pixels
    w= width of item. per Item in case of checkbox

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    Re: dialog documementation needed (dlg, dlgname, dlgshow)

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